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  The Nikaido Museum of Art, specialized in Nihonga, opened in October 10th of 1994. Its core collection consists of Kakejiku (hanging scroll) mainly focuses on Kindai Nihonga ( Modern Japanese paintings after Meiji era: 1868~) , donated by the Nikaido Distillery Co., Ltd..
Kakejiku was from China as a Buddhist picture in the Asuka era(593~703). But after that it had been cultivated with high artistic value in a Japanese way. And it becomes one of the Japanese traditional Art. It is usually displayed at Tokonoma , a special space in a Japanese style room. When you face to the art, you really can clear your mind of thoughts. We hope you have the rich time with our collection.

Main Collection

The Museum Collection is over 850 works of Modern Japanese paintings.
You may see a part of our collections on this website: Here

Exhibition Schedule
  Exhibitions in 2016-2017 Periods
OVER The world of a landscape-Gyokudo KAWAI, Kibo KODAMA- 12 April - 26 Jun
OVER Nikaido Zoo 28 June - 11 September
OVER World of Taikan YOKOYAMA 14 September - 20 November
OVER Beautiful of the world
-Syouen UEMURA・Kiyokata KABURAKI・Syouha ITO-
22 November - 5 February
NOW Kokei KOBAYASHI ・ Yukihiko YASUDA ・ Seison MAEDA
-Great Painters of the Japanese Art Institute-
7 February - 2 April

※The above titles and schedules are subject to change. Please visit our web site or call our museum
Information number, +81-(0)977-73-1100, for up-to-date information before your visit.

Current Exhibition